Barrel Compost Toilets

This article aims to show how to build an outdoor compost toilet and encourage others to use this green technology which is the best solution to sustainable sewage treatment! read more

Permaculture Design Course What an amazing experience!

In the late of September we had the last busy days in preparing everything for the PDC infrastructure. The last bits and peaces had to come together at the Compost Toilets and Kitchen, no time for major mistakes. So we were running up and down the field with screwdrivers, drills and all sort of equipment with spirits up that we will make it in time. read more

Building New Compost Toilets

After a good while of research we came up with this…… a future post we will publish the design thoughts and technical plans so till then enjoy watching us build…

Outdoor kitchen and showers

This spring we put all our effort in preparing outdoor infrastructure for hosting seminars and camping in our land. We decided to make a communal space at the back by the vegetable garden for cooking and sitting, showers, sink and compost toilets. read more

Autumn 2016 Permaculture Design Course

23 September – 4 October (11 days, 72 hours certificate)

Led by Dr. Rod Everett and Mill Millichap

We are excited to announce the first FULL PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE (PDC) that will be hosted in Tinos Eco-lodge with two knowledgeable teachers and lifelong farmers from England, Dr. Rod Everett and his colleague Mill Millichap who are teaching permaculture since 1990 in various parts of the world and are coming to Greece and spreading the permaculture philosophy and way of life for the last 5 years.

This PDC is fully certified by the Permaculture Association (Britain).

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Goat Attack

The Goats are the biggest enemy of our vegetable garden as circumstances just proved. As life plays they are our closest neighbors. As a neighborhood relationship can be complicated so is ours. Some days ago, coming to the Garden i saw the whole herd eating and snacking from the nice stuff we were cultivating. That was a major setback in our winter vegetable garden! Lesson learned: never underestimate the Goats:

  • they are intelligent
  • they are persistent
  • they climb and jump incredibly well
  • and they are overall real gourmet eaters

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November like summer

This November was amazingly hot, with 20 to 28 degrees and clear blue skyes, our guests had also the oportunity to go swimming!

Autumn Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden is growing. We are trying to expand the garden, which comes down to hard work. Through out the last 20 years the soil was only grazed by sheep and not cultivated at all. Which results to a nutrition rich, well layered soil, that is unfortunately hard as rock. So a lot of digging and plowing has to be done in order to get a fluffy well structured soil. We enrich the soil with a good layer of humus that we find under the oak trees Valonian Oak (Quercus ithaburensis ssp. macrolepis), in order to get it even more fluffy, well drained and attract earth worms. Also we found out that the old stone stables contain a 30-50cm thick layer of chicken and pig manure that has transformed over the years in to a very nice fertilizer. read more

Solar power

2.25Kw power was installed on the roof of the small house that covers the electrical needs of the 2 houses (lights, fridge and occasionally hair dryer and vacuum cleaner – both low watt appliances), the reed-bed pump system, water pump system, washing machine and electrical tools used on the eco-lodge. The installation was completed and tested in 4 days by the team of Giannis Sgourakis, Tasos and mr.Thodoris, Giannis’ father. After one year with solar and candle lights we were amazed to realize that light is definitely a matter of getting used to. However, cold drinks from the fridge were greatly appreciated! read more

Xerolithies – Dry stone walls

The dry stone walls that can be found all over the island and have been supporting the terraced slopes for centuries are under threat! The fields are abandoned as they are no longer being cultivated and their walls are collapsing because there is no one to maintain them. There used to be a rule that the neighbour from above is responsible for maintaining the stone walls below. So here we are fixing our stone walls on the border with the neighbour, which have been down for the last 4 decades!

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Pergolas in the small house

The view from the small house terrace
The view from the small house terrace

Summer is coming and the sun is hitting strong! The small house is now protected by two pergolas on the verandas and it’s fresh and cosy to sit outside!

pergola smallhouse2

Construction 24/7

The day has grown longer and work goes on until late! With Rafa here we take advantage of this and usually stay until sunset, also we are running now to meet ESPA deadline of 30 June!!! And to be open for our first visitors in July!!!

espa flags

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