Outdoor kitchen and showers

tinos ecolodge shower construction

This spring we put all our effort in preparing outdoor infrastructure for hosting seminars and camping in our land. We decided to make a communal space at the back by the vegetable garden for cooking and sitting, showers, sink and compost toilets. The designs were made by Nico and the construction by all of us in parts.

There were several issues that had to be dealt with. First we had to bring the water back, drinking and rain water. There is no hot water yet in the showers, we will see how necessary it will be, but in the kitchen we put a 40m spiral tube laying on the pergola which warms up with the sun.

The kitchen area was tested in Easter, when we did our traditional lamp and kokoretsi and had 25 visitors! The showers now that is hot are used everyday and the compost toilets and sink are under construction.

The second important issue is the sewage, we decided that showers and kitchen will be connected with the sediment tanks and the reedbed. This means a 200m long tube which with the right slope will end up there. This remains to be done.







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