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This is a first drawing of the general plot arrangement. Its very difficult to place everything on the right spot! Many things have to be considered: like access to the houses and terraces, entrance and parking space, connections of places, as well as plants and wind direction, as well as all the technical details of water collection and treatment. Then the orientation and the natural phenomena, north face-windy, east side- sea view, west side- sunset light. So still working on it but a first arrangement is presented.

The entrance with the parking is on the right under the big stone stable. From there two separate footpaths lead to the terraces with the houses as well as the middle terrace which leads to the small stone stable which has been transformed to the utility room, with all batteries for solars, water filters, pumps will be gathered. There is a big cistern of 100 m3 constructed at the lower level with a small pergola and an open space above it. This can be used as a common area for morning yoga or other activities. The reedbed which collects all the sewage liquids is constructed on the left upper terrace with a collection tank of the filtered water under it next to the cistern. Solar panels as well as hot water solars are placed on the roofs, as low as possible so not to be visible.
Upper left terraces are planted with trees while their more wind protected and right upper terrace with local vines which crawl on the ground thus are wind tolerant. The middle terrace will become a herb garden with all local species of lavender, thyme, oregano but also wind resistant rosemarine. Oak trees that are growing on the field will be wind protected by stone walls so they can grow straight and hang a hammock underneath! At the old “aloni” which is the round stone construction where they processed the wheat with the animals, a rock cactus garden can be planted. Next to the two stone houses a small fresh herb garden with parsley, basilicum, anise etc will be planted near the kitchen. The big vegetable garden with all kind of tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, courgettes etc will be a little further, not placed yet, but to the left side of the field where it is totally wind protected!

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