10 day Basic THAI Massage course 21.6-1.7

Unalome team and Tinos Ecolodge organise a 10 day seminar of basic level traditional Thai massage technique, from 21 June to 1st July. The Thai Massage is the traditional massage technique of Thailand. It is done on the floor and not on a bed. We don’t use oil and the recipient must always wear light and comfy outfit. Using the palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet, we do stretching, pressures and a series of exercises which as a result brings recovery of energy flow of the recipient and relief from chronic pains.

Some of the benefits of Thai massage are:

  • Deep relaxation and relief from stress, sleep enhancement and breathing
  • Relief from musculoskeletal problems such as back pains, neck pain, shoulder and lower back, and feet), it creates flexibility of the articulations, and wellness.
  • Enhancement and strengthening of immune system and better blood circulation.
  • Equilibrium of our inner energy .

Daily program

06:00 Wake up
06:30-07:15 Meditation
07:30-09:00 Yoga
09:15-09:45 Breakfast
10:00-13:30 Morning session
13:30-16:00 Lunch and relax
16:00-19:30 Evening session
19:30-20:30 Relax
20:30-21:15 Dinner
21:20-22:00 Meditation

10 days program

20 June: Arrival day
21 June, Day 1: Introduction and basic principles of thai massage, feet and energy lines
22 June, Day 2: Learning single legs
23 June, Day 3: Learning double legs
24 June, Day 4: Learning stomach,chest,arms,hands
25 June, Day 5: Guided practice (guided massage) after breakfast and the DAY FREE:) )
26 June, Day 6: Learning (side position)
27 June, Day 7: Learning (back position)
28 June, Day 8: Learning(sitting position)
29 June, Day 9: Learning shoulders, neck, head, face
30 June, Day 10: Evaluation
1 July: 2 hours theory after breakfast and departure
Alexandros Petridis
Alexandros personal journey started in spring 2006 where he had his first encounter with massage, learning holistic massage, then he followed lessons on Ayuverdic massage until 2007 when he was first taught Thai massage in sunshine house with the teacher Takis Oikonomou. He continued as a student and as an assistant teacher in basic and advance seminars until 2010. From then until now he continues to deepen his knowledge in anatomy, having more than 1000 hours of training in anatomy and physiology of the body, in manual therapy, trigger point therapy and pnf stretching. Since 2012 he runs workshops in Greece and abroad.
He is a certified Yoga teacher with 1100 hours of training in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yoga therapy. He realizes sessions combining his love and experience in massage, distinguishing the needs of the recipient every time.


Nikos Floros
Student of Alexandros, he started his practice in Yoga and was trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,Yoga Therapy and Pranayama.
In 2015 he finished his basic training in Τhai massage. From the first day he realised his love for therapy techniques. He then follows advance seminars on Thai massage, Osteothai and Fascia. He has also been initiated in the first two grades of Usui Reiki. His in depth knowledge and training in therapy is continuing until today. His approach is based on touching with awareness, precision, compassion and humility.

Accommodation and food

Tinos Ecolodge is situated in a beautiful island setting with great sea views and sunrise from the sea, traditional terraced landscape, with a nearby stream and lots of old oak trees to camp under. There is also limited space in the 2 lodges which can host up to 8 people. There are outdoor showers and compost toilets for those who camp. There will be a communal outdoor kitchen were we will eat all together 3 meals per day, prepared by our local cook an expert on delicious Greek vegetarian recipes.  Max number of participants is 14 people.

Booking info

Seminar cost : 750 euro early bird price until 20 April, 850 euro after 20 April, it includes lodging, 3 meals per day, 7 hours Thai massage class daily, one yoga class and two meditations daily. Deadline for registration until 20 May. There will be discount 100 euro for those who would like to camp. For booking a place a deposit of €250 must be paid on application, full balance to be paid upon arrival.

Contact details

Marilia Kalouli, info@tinosecolodge.gr

Tel.0030 6974467611

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