Volunteering at the Ecolodge

Volunteering at the ecolodge has always been a priority since the beginning. We had our first volunteers, mainly friends, coming to stay with us and help with the different chores at the construction and the garden.  Johny from Berlin was the first one to come who built with us the ecolodge  for 2 months right from the start. Johan another friend from Berlin comes almost every year for a couple of weeks to stay with us and help. Arne also has come to help with construction, as well as other friends during the years like David, Sarah and Lisa that we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all!!!

Recently we had the opportunity to host 2 volunteers from England for 2 weeks. They helped us a lot with our garden, weeding, cutting, transplanting, making new plants from seeds, but also they did maintenance and construction work like oiling the yoga deck and pergolas, making a new home for the chicken!!! helping with the new cistern and more. What we can offer now is a very cozy new stone hut that used to be an old stable and has just been renovated for the HYDROUSA project. What we also offer is daily food during working days.

So if anyone wants to come and stay with us, helping around 6 hours per day with daily chores, and gaining a valuable experience in how to run a sustainable ecotouristic facility is welcome! There is also plenty of free time as well as weekends for exploring the island. Please contact us for available dates.


  • Adrienne Johnson ,

    Hello, are you seeking volunteers in October?

    • Tinos Eco Lodge ,

      Hello, we are seeking volunteers from April to end of October! Thanks a lot

      • Ingrid ,

        Hello, hope you are well!
        Are you still seeking for volunteers ?

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